Due Diligence Trust

Yucca in Soledad Canyon, Mesilla Valley, New Mexico

The Due Diligence Trust™ is Mesilla’s network of experienced Landmen and Lawyers, whose expertise is due diligence. Landmen are required to have at least 20 years of in-house experience with contracts, curative and mineral title. Lawyers are required to have at least 15 years of experience with contracts and examining title. Engineers, Geologists and Accountants are used on an as-needed basis and are usually hand-picked by the client.

Everyone in the Due Diligence Trust™ has has been vetted as to their experience and competence. Any prospective member of the Due Diligence Trust™, whose work product is unknown, has had to take a skills assessment that measures their knowledge of due diligence in a simulated leasehold production acquisition and mineral rights acquisition. Mesilla looks for would-be members of the Trust that can think on their feet and that have a natural curiosity that drives them to “connect all the dots”. Even though our Diligence DataBank™ online database application assures consistent evaluation of a property, Mesilla encourages its Trust members on a job to think beyond just “filling in the blanks”. The experience base of the Trust plus the collaboration that is created by Mesilla’s online “office environment” during a job helps everyone benefit from the Trust member’s individual experiences.

Since all the members of the Due Diligence Trust™ are independent contractors, they bill the client individually, unless the client makes other arrangements with Mesilla to pay all the contractors. With Mesilla’s “cyber office” environment for our clients, clients will know up-to-the-minute billings by the Trust, allowing clients to easily track and estimate the costs of due diligence as the project runs.

Disclaimer: The “Due Diligence Trust” is not legal entity.  The use of the word “Member” to describe those who are part of the Trust, is used for descriptive purposes only and does not imply a position in any corporate entity.

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