The Diligence DataBank™

The Basilica of San Albino, Old Mesilla, New Mexico

The Diligence DataBank™ is an online database application that allows precise management of a due diligence effort by our clients. The Diligence DataBank™ allows Landmen and Lawyers researching documents associated with an oil and gas property divestment or acquisition to simultaneously post the results of their evaluation on line. It makes no difference if a data room is at a physical location or on the web. The Diligence DataBank™ is customized for each job with the client and assures a consistent evaluation by researchers reviewing documents. Clients can log on to the Diligence DataBank™ online application and download the latest research information into a speadsheet. Want to know the parties that have a Preferential Right under a JOA? No problem with the Diligence DataBank™. Want to know what percentage of the acquisition has been reviewed and approved? No problem with the Diligence DataBank™. Want to know how many hours contractors have worked and the anticipated billing amount? No problem with the Diligence DataBank™ . Take a tour of the Diligence DataBank™ and see the real time metrics it tracks, as well as the detailed reports our clients can download: DataBank Video-Production Acquisition DataBank Video-Mineral Acquisition 

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