Interested in Joining Our Effort?

Yes, it is an “effort”.  Trying to break into a market of established players is not easy.  Mesilla is looking for experienced people, Landmen with at least 20 years of in-house exploration experience and Title Attorneys with at least 15 years of oil and gas experience. All interested parties should not only have excellent familiarity with A&D due diligence, but experience with contracts (negotiating and drafting JOA’s, farmouts, exploration agreements, etc.), mineral title (running title and curing title) along with some management experience.  If that describes you (and you have read every part of this website), please fill out the form below.  In the Summary box, give a brief synopsis of your experience, between 200 and 300 words.  The process will then work like this: 1) if there is interest, someone will get back to you, 2) a resume and references will be requested, 3) an interview will take place and 4) a one hour skill assessment test will be administered. The last part is important in that both you and Mesilla need to assess whether you can fit in a non-day rate environment, where you are compensated by your work product, not the number of hours you work.  The goal is for you to make money, produce an excellent work product and be happy doing it.

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